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Coban 2 Application

CLWK eLearning Modules: Skin and Wound

  1. https://www.clwk.ca/modules/HowWoundsHeal/
  2. https://www.clwk.ca/modules/WoundAssessment/
  3. https://www.clwk.ca/modules/WoundCleansingTheory/
  4. https://www.clwk.ca/modules/WoundPackingTheory/
  5. https://www.clwk.ca/modules/WoundDressingSelection/
  6. https://www.clwk.ca/modules/ABIProcedures/
  7. https://www.clwk.ca/modules/CompressionTherapy/
  8. https://www.clwk.ca/modules/Braden/
  9. https://www.clwk.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/CSWD-Education-Module-2017-01-10-Final-Draft2.pdf
  10. https://www.clwk.ca/modules/Burns/
  11. https://www.clwk.ca/modules/NPWT/

Teaching Tools

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Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis Intervention Tool (IADIT)

ISTAP Skin Tear Tools

Edema Wear Poster

Clinical Decision Support Tools

  1. Wound Management Guideline Summary 
  2. Wound Bed Preparation Guideline Summary 
  3. Wound Cleansing Procedure
  4. Wound Packing Procedure  
  5. Prevention, Assessment & Treatment of Wound Infections:  Guideline Summary
  6. Ankle Brachial Index Procedure Using a Handheld Doppler 
  7. How to Stage Pressure Injuries
  8. Pressure Injury Stages Definitions
  9. The differences between Moisture Associated Skin Damage and Stage 1 & 2 Pressure Injury
  10. Product Information Sheet

Quick Reference Guides

  1. Heel Offloading
  2. Raise HOB
  3. Head-toe-skin-assessment
  4. Braden Risk Assessment tool

Nutrition and Pressure Injuries

Nutrition & Pressure Injuries: Putting the New Guidelines into Practice | Nestlé Medical Hub | Nestlé Health Science Portal for Healthcare Professionals (nestlemedicalhub.com)


Braden Scale

Braden Scale update:
Effective June 30, 2021, it will be a legal requirement to have a license to use the Braden Scale© if it is part of your nursing practice either within or outside of your Electronic Medical Record. Prior permitted uses will be withdrawn by that date. The license serves as a legal contract specifically designed to authorize the use of all copyrighted materials and to protect the intellectual property of the Braden Scale©, Braden Scale Glossary© and the educational resources and training materials relating to using the Braden Scale©

If you require information on Braden Scale© please visit their website at www.hdnursing.com