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CLWK eLearning Modules: Skin and Wound

  1. https://www.clwk.ca/modules/HowWoundsHeal/
  2. https://www.clwk.ca/modules/WoundAssessment/
  3. https://www.clwk.ca/modules/WoundCleansingTheory/
  4. https://www.clwk.ca/modules/WoundPackingTheory/
  5. https://www.clwk.ca/modules/WoundDressingSelection/
  6. https://www.clwk.ca/modules/ABIProcedures/
  7. https://www.clwk.ca/modules/CompressionTherapy/
  8. https://www.clwk.ca/modules/Braden/
  9. https://www.clwk.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/CSWD-Education-Module-2017-01-10-Final-Draft2.pdf
  10. https://www.clwk.ca/modules/Burns/
  11. https://www.clwk.ca/modules/NPWT/

Clinical Decision Support Tools

  1. Wound Management Guideline Summary 
  2. Wound Bed Preparation Guideline Summary 
  3. Wound Cleansing Procedure
  4. Wound Packing Procedure  
  5. Prevention, Assessment & Treatment of Wound Infections:  Guideline Summary
  6. Ankle Brachial Index Procedure Using a Handheld Doppler 
  7. How to Stage Pressure Injuries
  8. Pressure Injury Stages Definitions
  9. The differences between Moisture Associated Skin Damage and Stage 1 & 2 Pressure Injury
  10. Product Information Sheet

Quick Reference Guides

  1. Heel Offloading
  2. Raise HOB
  3. Head-toe-skin-assessment
  4. Braden Risk Assessment tool

Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis Intervention Tool (IADIT)

ISTAP Skin Tear Tools

Edema Wear Poster

Wound Care Canada Magazine - Current and Archived Issues


Webinar Recordings


Coban 2 Application

Nutrition and Pressure Injuries

Nutrition & Pressure Injuries: Putting the New Guidelines into Practice | Nestlé Medical Hub | Nestlé Health Science Portal for Healthcare Professionals (nestlemedicalhub.com)

DHW Webinar Resource for Health Care Providers

YouTube presentation: d’Entremont, S. (2019) Resource Tool for Health Care Provider in the Prevention of Pressure Injuries

ROHO Guide

Red Cross video Permobil-ROHO-Guide, Care & Set Up 

YouTube video links from Permobil Academy

Classification of Pressure Injuries – to help identify different types/categories  

Smith & Nephew Video

Wounds Canada Webinar Archive

Wound Education Programs

Wounds Canada Institute

Nurses Specialized in Wound, Ostomy and Continence Canada (NSWOCC)
SWAN Program Skin Wellness Associate Nurse Program for LPN/RPNs

Braden Scale

Braden Scale update:
Effective June 30, 2021, it will be a legal requirement to have a license to use the Braden Scale© if it is part of your nursing practice either within or outside of your Electronic Medical Record. Prior permitted uses will be withdrawn by that date. The license serves as a legal contract specifically designed to authorize the use of all copyrighted materials and to protect the intellectual property of the Braden Scale©, Braden Scale Glossary© and the educational resources and training materials relating to using the Braden Scale©

If you require information on Braden Scale© please visit their website at www.hdnursing.com