Member Forums

The Member and Partner Engagement Service provides policy support to the Health Association’s three member forums and their related substructures and committees.  Our member forums include the Continuing Care Council, the Home Care Network and Diverse Abilities NS.

Continuing Care Council

The Continuing Care Council was established to provide a meaningful vehicle to inform the Health Association Board and staff on issues impacting continuing care members and the provision of these services in the province. It also serves as a discussion forum, and has the authority to make appropriate decisions regarding advocacy and strategy when and where applicable.  

Learn more about the Council’s mandate and recent activities.


The Home Care Network

The Home Care Network provides a meaningful vehicle for the home care sector to come together to discuss issues of common concern, as well as respond to, and proactively address, issues impacting the provision of home care services in the province.  

The Home Care Network is comprised of all Health Association member home support and home nursing agencies. 

View the Home Care Network’s terms of reference.


Diverse Abilities NS

Diverse Abilities NS is a voluntary, non-profit organization established to:

  • Seek ways to improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities by collaborating with other individuals, groups, organizations and government;
  • Seek opportunities to promote a positive image of members;
  • Utilize collective skills and knowledge in planning for the future;
  • Provide opportunities and encouragement for employees to gain education and knowledge which will assist in the provision of services; and
  • Promote the understanding and acceptance of individuals with disabilities.

The membership of Diverse Abilities NS is made up of all the ARCs/RRCs across the province of Nova Scotia. 

Visit the Diverse Abilities NS website to learn more.