Lieutenant-Governor’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration

Joyce d’Entremont

We couldn't be more proud of Joyce D'Entremont on receiving the Lieutenant-Governor’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration this afternoon in Halifax. Joyce wears multiple hats on our Board of Directors and a number of our member forums and we are so lucky to have her!

The medal is awarded annually to a person in public administration who exhibits the highest standard of excellence, dedication and accomplishment.

“Joyce d’Entremont has been instrumental in providing services that support independence, development opportunities and dignity for residents in our province,” said Lt.-Gov. Arthur J. LeBlanc. “As a champion for positive change, she ensures that the needs of Nova Scotians guide the future direction of care and disability support programs.”

Ms. d’Entremont is a respected professional in Nova Scotia’s long-term care, disability support and acute care sectors. At the local level, her visionary leadership has transformed Mountains and Meadows Care Group, which operates homes for seniors and people with disabilities, into a leading practice. At the provincial level, she is known for her involvement with boards and sector committees.

Her innovative approaches have resulted in collaborations with the government, sector colleagues and committees with Health Association Nova Scotia. Ms. d’Entremont is committed to leading by example and actively demonstrates that quality care for all Nova Scotians comes first.

The prestigious award is presented annually by the Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia, who serves as its patron. It is sponsored by Davis Pier and administered by the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) Nova Scotia. 

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