Health - Supplies and Services

You are covered for the following supplies and services.


Accidental Dental

Dental treatment, when natural teeth have been damaged by a direct accidental blow to the mouth or jaw, or the required setting of a fractured or dislocated jaw.

Services must be carried out or reported and approved for payment by Manulife within 180 days of the accident. Eligible expenses will be the dentist's fees, subject to the dental fee guide for general practitioners that is in effect where the services were carried out.


Allergy Serums, Antihistamines

Allergy serums, antigens, and antihistamines obtained on written prescription of a doctor. For each of these benefits, there is a deductible of $50 per year per person, or a maximum of $150 per year per family.

The maximum benefit is $1,000 per calendar year for each participant.


Clinical Measurement Services

Nursing services and testing materials related to biometrics to help you measure your blood pressure, sugar levels, cholesterol, weight and other biometric factors. This coverage is available only to plan members, not their spouses and dependents. The maximum benefit is $100 per person per year.


Diabetic Equipment

Preci-jet, glucometer, or similar as approved by Manulife. This benefit is limited to $700 in five calendar years.(see Medical Supplies and Equipment for insulin pumps)


Diabetic Supplies

Needles, syringes, swabs, test tapes, and lancets, as prescribed by a doctor and deemed reasonable in quantity by Manulife. A co-pay will not be charged when using your benefits card at the pharmacy for diabetic supplies.


Diagnostic X-ray Services

Charges for diagnostic and X-ray services, when carried out by a laboratory or hospital approved by Manulife.


Foot Care

Our plan covers foot care services provided by a registered nurse in a foot care clinic. The maximum is $25 per visit up to $300 per person in a calendar year. You do need a referral from your doctor.


Hearing Aids

Hearing aids when prescribed by an otolaryngologist, an otologist or registered audiologist up to $1,000 for each hearing aid (one for each ear) over three consecutive calendar years (includes batteries and repairs).


Hospital Coverage

100% Pay-Direct (You can pay your hospital charges with your Benefits card).

The Plan covers the reasonable and customary cost of the difference between a standard ward room and a semi-private or private room if you are receiving acute care in an "acute care" facility (i.e., you will not be covered if you are receiving care in a rehabilitation centre).


Medical Supplies and Equipment

Charges for purchase of insulin pumps, compression pumps, burn-pressure garments and rental (or purchase, if approved by Manulife) of a wheelchair, hospital bed and transcutaneous electrical nerve simulator (TENS machine) on the written authorization of a doctor.

The insulin and compression pumps are limited to reasonable and customary charges once every five calendar years. The TENS machine is limited to a maximum of $300 in five calendar years.

Some supplies and equipment may be governed by annual and/or lifetime maximums or other limits.

Check out the attached Medical Equipment Guideline for important information on claiming. You can locate an Extended Health Care Claim by visiting or


Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)

Charges for the purchase of IUD prescribed by your physician are limited to a maximum of $75 every two calendar years.

Mirena, the intrauterine hormone system, is covered under the prescription drug portion of this plan. 


Orthopaedic Shoes and Supplies

Orthopaedic Shoes and Supplies, including custom-made or custom-fitted shoes, arch supports, cookie inserts, heel pads, torque heels and wedges. The plan maximum combined eligible expense for Orthopaedic Shoes and Supplies is $200 for adults, per calendar year, and $300 per calendar year for dependent children. A doctor’s prescription, original receipt and gait analysis is required for reimbursement.

Please keep in mind the requirements for claiming and to protect yourself from health plan fraud.



Orthotics including charges for custom-made molded arch supports to a maximum eligible expense of $300 for adults, per calendar year, and $400 per calendar year for dependent children. A doctor’s prescription and original receipt is required for reimbursement.


Ostomy Supplies

The plan covers charges for ostomy supplies. A co-pay will not be charged when using your benefits card at the pharmacy for ostomy supplies.



Charges for oxygen and equipment and for its administration.


Physician Services

Reasonable and customary charges incurred while travelling outside your province of residence above those paid by MSI.


Private-Duty Nursing

The Plan covers home nursing care upon the written authorization of your doctor. The maximum for each plan member is $10,000 in a calendar year. Under Private-Duty Nursing, the type of provider who can deliver at-home care includes licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, registered nursing assistants, personal care workers and continuing care assistants. Please contact contact Manulife Customer Service Centre toll-free at 1-855-626-4267 for a listing of the information you need your attending physician to provide. This information is required before Manulife can determine eligibility. Once this is received, Manulife will review the request and send a Predetermination Letter back to you. Please note, once all information is provided, the standard turnaround time is 5 business days.


Professional Ambulance

Professional ambulance or air transportation to the nearest hospital able to provide essential care, if necessary, for a stretcher patient, up to three seats on a regularly scheduled flight.

The maximum is $1,000 in a calendar year.


Prosthetic and other Medical Supplies

Some limitations apply. Artificial limbs, breasts, crutches, splints, casts, trusses and braces (except dental braces), mastectomy bras(limited to 2 in a calendar year, physician prescription required), hair ($300 lifetime maximum), eyes (limited to one left and one right per lifetime). Replacement must be due to pathological change. Repairs and adjustments are subject to a maximum of $300 per calendar year


Smoking Cessation

Nicotine patches, nicotine gum, Zyban, inhalers, and nicotine-free prescription medicine up to a combined maximum of $500 per person every two calendar years. You will need a doctor’s prescription for these products.


Special Ambulance Attendant

Travel expenses of an accompanying registered nurse (not a relative) where medically necessary and approved by Manulife.

The maximum is $500 in a calendar year.


Speech Aids

Speech aid equipment (approved by a qualified speech therapist and your doctor) for persons who do not have normal oral communication ability.

This benefit is limited to a lifetime maximum of $500.


Surgical Stockings and Support Stockings

Two (2) pairs per calendar year up to a combined maximum of $200. A prescription is required.

Check out the guidelines for surgical stockings for more information on coverage and claiming.



Vaccines are covered at 50% up to a lifetime maximum of $500. Some exclusions apply. 

Doctor’s prescription is required and vaccines must be dispensed through a pharmacy. Travel clinics are not approved providers as they do not fall under our pharmacy agreements. Yellow fever vaccine is different because very few pharmacies carry, and because of the cold chain it must be administered where you get it.


For your convenience, you can also contact the Manulife Customer Service Centre toll-free at 1-855-626-4267 with questions about your health supplies and services coverage. Please have your benefits card as you will need to provide them your policy and certification number.