Retired Plan Members

Note: if you are a retiree from Nova Scotia Health, Central Zone and health coverage is with Canada Life, please select NSH Central Zone Benefits Plan.  

The information on this page is for those Retirees in our Multi-Employer Benefits Plan, and health coverage is with Manulife. 

Contact Us

Please contact Health Association Nova Scotia, Group Benefits Solutions, toll free at 1-866-886-7246 if you:

  • Have a question regarding your benefit entitlements;
  • Would like to notify Health Association Nova Scotia of a change in your address or phone number;
  • Would like to change the name of your beneficiary, or
  • Have any other questions or concerns related to your benefits coverage.

For those employees approaching retirement who would like to know the changes you can expect when you retire, please refer to the Thinking about Retirement Benefits Information Sheet by visiting the Benefits Communications link on the sidebar. 

Retiree Change Form - Group Insurance Benefits

To change your address, phone number, name of your beneficiary or other group insurance benefit information, click here to view and print the Retiree Change Form.

Retiree Health Plan Coverage

Click here to view the My Retiree Health Benefit pamphlet.

For those retirees eligible for Prescription Drug coverage under this plan, we have updates the Prescription Drug Coverage information. Please visit the Health Plan - Prescription Drug page

Retiree News

Group Benefits Solutions publishes a newsletter to provide retired plan members with information about the benefits available to this group, including plan changes or updates and other information of interest. To view the newsletters, click the Benefits Communications link on the sidebar.

Quick Links

For general information about provincial programs for seniors, please visit the Nova Scotia Department of Seniors.

For general information about the provincial Pharmacare Program, please visit the Department of Health and Wellness Seniors' Pharmacare Program.


Special Note

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Health Association Nova Scotia reserves the right to review the benefits program and to modify, amend, discontinue, and/or make exceptions to the program without prior notice. All information is subject to change.

As Plan Sponsors for the Health Plan, Health Association Nova Scotia are liable for the payment of all covered benefits, notwithstanding any insurance policy which may be attached to this Employee Benefit Plan.