Benefits Communications

Group Benefits Solutions produces regular bulletins and newsletters for active employees of participating plan member organizations and retirees. 

Benefits Bulletin

Timely announcement of immediate or upcoming change to benefits or updates information already in circulation.  These will include information that should be communicated to employees.

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Communication to Plan Members that covers multiple messages over a certain period of time (e.g. annual).  These will include information directed to a specific group ( e.g. LTD Plan Members, Retirees etc.)

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Retiree News

The Benefits Service publishes a newsletter to provide retired plan members with information about the benefits available to this group, including plan changes or updates and other information of interest.

LTD Newsletters

LTD Plan Member Newsletter (Winter 2018/2019)
LTD Plan Member Bulletin (Fall 2017)
LTD Plan Member Bulletin (Fall 2016)
LTD Plan Member Bulletin (Fall 2015)


Partnerships (Lawtons, Johnson Home Auto, etc) 


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