Lift Load

Patient Track/Lift Testing Education

Clinical Engineering Services have recently launched a new, comprehensive education program on testing procedures for lifts and tracks – – a service that can help meet your goals for ensuring the safe and effective use of electro-mechanical patient/resident care devices. The program reflects the new CSA standards for lift testing and builds upon on our experience, expertise and solid reputation as a leader in lift testing services in Atlantic Canada.  We currently support more than 4,000 lifting devices in over 60 facilities.  We also broke new ground in 2010 with the launch of the first lift load device in Atlantic Canada that meets both the CSA requirements for lift testing and provincial Occupational Safety General Regulations for the design and manufacture of below the hook lift test loads.  It’s currently in use in health care/residential facilities across Canada and in the United States.

This two-day education session provides participants with real hands-on experience and skills development as well as covers a number of important topics, such as:

  • The importance of lift testing and maintenance and the relationship to effective organizational risk management activities (patient/staff health and safety);
  • Why tracks are failing;
  • Importance of labelling;
  • National Standards of Canada and provincial guidelines (overview);
  • Overview of lift load test equipment and common problems which arise;
  • Review of track specifications; and….much more.

As a bonus, participants will also receive copies of our best practice testing procedures, track and lift purchase specifications, a high technical solution for data capture and other value-add documents.

If you have any questions or would like more information on our new Patient Track/Lift Testing Education, please contact Luke MacKenzie, Interim Technical Support and Business Development Officer, at 902-759-3525, or