Pharmacy Partnerships


Group Benefits Solutions has partnered with MHCSI (Lawtons/Sobeys) to offer savings to employees and retirees of member organizations enrolled in the Health Plan. If you are in our health plan and have drug coverage you are automatically enrolled.

  • The MHCSI Supplementary Pharmacy Benefit Program coverage is available to those with drug coverage under the HANS Health Plan. It gives you up to $3.00 against your out-of-pocket expenses per prescription filled at Lawtons Drugs or Sobeys Pharmacy and $0.75 per prescription filled with Sobeys Pharmacy by Mail. This benefit is applied automatically when you use your Prescription Drug Card (Medavie Blue Cross).
  • The Lawtons Drugs Partner Discount Card Program (orange card) offers you savings on regular & sale priced items when you present your discount card at Lawtons Drugs (some exceptions apply). Please contact MHCSI (Managed Health Care Services Incorporated) directly at Discount Card Request ( to replace a lost (orange front store) card.  

If you would like to receive additional offers from Lawtons, you can opt in at

Also, the MHCSI Supplementary Pharmacy Benefit Program and the Lawtons Drugs Partner Discount Card Program is extended to employees of members of Health Association Nova Scotia who do not participate in the Extended Health Plan.

Retirees who are in our health plan with no drug coverage (over age 65), can also sign up themselves to continue in the program.

These employees/retirees can enroll for the programs on-line by visiting and entering the Group Name: HANS NON-HEALTH and the Group Password: HNH69122.  When applying in this way you will receive both an MHCSI (blue card) and Lawton (orange card). If you would like more information on this program, please contact MHCSI directly at 1-888-686-6427.  Please note, if you are in the Health Association Nova Scotia Health Plan and have drug coverage you are already enrolled and should not enroll on-line.

Pharmacies in Nova Scotia include: Lawtons Drugs, Sobeys Pharmacy, and Foodland Pharmacy.
Pharmacy arrangements do not preclude plan members from using other providers and Health Association Nova Scotia recognizes that many people have a strong relationship with their local pharmacist. Our aim is to use our economy of scale to provide plan members with added value and cost savings. To that end, if another organization is interested in a potential partnership, we would welcome those discussions