Benefits Education Sessions

Health Association Nova Scotia’s Group Benefits Solutions is committed to providing benefits information and education to its members.

Employee Benefits are an integral part of the compensation package offered to employees, and it is important to keep your employees well informed of the benefits offered to them as valued employees of your organization. The Health Association offers Employee Information Sessions which can be scheduled as part of an orientation session, during employee recognition events, or during a week that recognizes a professional group such as Nursing Week.

Administering employee benefits has a certain risk associated with it. Employers are responsible for ensuring that employees are offered the benefits they are eligible to receive, and that they are properly enrolled. This is a significant responsibility. By offering a variety of Benefits Administration Education Sessions, the Health Association can help you administer these benefits correctly.

Health Association Nova Scotia will come to your facility and conduct both the Employee Information sessions and the One-on-One Benefits Administration sessions. Benefits Refreshers will be presented at locations throughout Nova Scotia. Additionally, e-training and e-meetings have proven to be a cost effective solution for organizations who wish to maximize the people they reach while limiting travel costs. As a result, the Health Association offers many of its information and education sessions via WebEx, a cost effective and efficient method of delivering information via audio and/or video teleconferencing.

Please contact Shelly Billard, Group Benefits Solutions at (902) 832-8500 Ext 274 or to book an education or information session. We can also work with you in preparing customized employee information sessions for your facility.