Continuing Care Council

About the Council

Health Association Nova Scotia Continuing Care Council was established to provide a meaningful vehicle to inform the Health Association Board and staff on issues impacting continuing care members and the provision of these services in the province. It also serves as a discussion forum, and has the authority to make appropriate decisions regarding advocacy and strategy when and where applicable.

The vision of the Council is “continuing care excellence”. Its mission is “to be a meaningful and influential vehicle for positive change in Nova Scotia’s continuing care sector through collaborative action and knowledgeable leadership”. The Council works under the values of:
  • Quality - aiming for excellence in continuing care service delivery;
  • Collaboration - effective partnerships with key stakeholders to achieve best results;
  • Communication - proactive and effective communication to and from member organizations and other stakeholders;
  • Evidence - advocacy and decisions based on available qualitative and quantitative evidence;
  • Accountability - setting expectations, monitoring performance, reporting on outcomes, and demonstrating value.